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Frequently asked Questions:

How does a hearing aid work?
The units have microphones that pick up sounds and change it to electrical energy. Amplifiers and other modifying and adjusting circuits move the sound to the amplifiers (receivers) and the sound are delivered to the ear. Each aid is programmed to the individual’s specific hearing levels.

What types of hearing aids are available?
Most new units are digital and utilize current technology. The basic types include completely in the canal (CIC), in the ear (ITE) and behind the ear (BTE). The type that is best suited for patients is determined based on testing and individual needs.

What are the costs for hearing aids?
Most units fall into three price categories, low, medium and high. The features and degree of sophistication of the units determine the actual price.

Are hearing aids covered by Medicare or other Insurances?
The cost of testing and evaluation is covered; however, Medicare does not cover the cost of the actual hearing aids. In some cases, individual insurance benefits do provide for a portion of the cost of units. Our staff works with your insurance company to determine what the benefit might be.

Do all hearing aids need batteries?
Some units provide systems that allow for recharging. Each night the aids are placed in a charger that provided full power overnight. Batteries are only need to be replaced once every five years. Non-rechargeable hearing aids use batteries that need to be replaced weekly.

How do I care for a hearing aid?
At the time of a purchase, education is provided that details the care needed for the units. As they are electrical in nature, they need to be handled carefully; cleaning brushes and small cleaning tools are provided, as well as, detailed instructions. Careful care will result in efficient units and less need for office visits.

What is an audiogram?
At the time of testing an audiogram is created for each ear. The audiogram details the result of hearing at various levels. When hearing aids are purchased, the audiogram is utilized to program each unit for the specific hearing loss. Over time additional audiograms are made and reviewed against the prior to see if changes have occurred that would result in re-programming the units for the change.

Do I have to change settings for different situations?
It is not necessary to change settings; the units are programmed for your specific loss and require little or no adjustments. Should you find that the units have changed and not providing as good a sound or volume, then an adjustment may be required by the staff.

Can I use the hearing aids while on the phone?
Yes, hearing aids should be used while on the phone. In most cases hearing on the phone is improved. In addition, several additional devices are available for those patients that require additional assistance.

What if I get Hearing aids and I don’t like them?
At the time of purchase, you have 45 days to utilize and become familiar with the units. During that time, several appointments are made to monitor your usage. During these appointments the staff provides education and assists you with any questions or concerns. Because of the experience level of our staff, they are able to resolve most issues you might encounter. If however, you are not satisfied, you may return them. A small fee will be charged at that time.

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